The Center for Autism
The Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health
The Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health (CAECMH) within the College for Education and Engaged Learning at Montclair State University provides clinical services and support for families, consultation, coaching, and professional development for the statewide workforce, and coursework and internships for students. We also advocate for policies, and encourage increased coordination in all state and local systems that support the health and well being of families. Our work focuses on the areas of early relational health, infant and early childhood mental health, inclusive practices for all types of learners, and neurodiversity.

We operate a community-based outpatient mental health clinic located on the MSU campus for families with young children. We provide clinical services for infants and young children struggling with emotional regulation, for parents/caregivers who seek to enhance parenting practices, for families who are experiencing relational ruptures, and for families with neurodivergent members, including autistic individuals. We offer weekly psychotherapy, therapeutic groups, and developmental assessment services to approximately 75 families per week. We also promote family support services to expectant families and families of newborns, including childbirth education. Services are available in English and Spanish, and offered on a sliding scale. Donations can be used to offset clinical services and family support fees for families.

We also educate graduate students and professionals on inclusive teaching and intervention practices to enhance and improve inclusion practices throughout the state for neurodivergent students, including autistic students. Donations can support scholarships for coursework for students to increase access to these graduate courses and learning opportunities to better serve and educate the neurodivergent student community.
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Halfway There Challege! Let's get 50 more donors to unlock $8,000 from alumna, Judy Graef '66
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Which fund has raised the most dollars on One Day for Montclair
Which fund has raised the most dollars on One Day for Montclair
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1 College of Science and Mathematics $33,592.00
2 College for Community Health $25,400.00
3 College of the Arts $19,055.22
4 The Fund for Montclair State $15,433.25
5 Football $15,372.50
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1 Women's Basketball 222
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3 Men's Basketball 176
4 The Fund for Montclair State 170
5 Football 111
Transforming Every Day by Decade for One Day
Transforming Every Day by Decade for One Day
What decade did you graduate?
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1 1970-1979 $66,574.75
2 1960-1969 $17,315.00
3 1980-1989 $10,975.00
4 1990-1999 $9,878.00
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