Pebbles the Pupscot

Have You Met Pebbles Yet?!

Pebbles the pupscot of Montclair State University has graced the campus with her cuteness since February of 2023 and is on a mission to spread Red Hawk Pride to all.

Pebbles is a mini labradoodle with the biggest heart. She attends tons of campus activities with her handlers and passes out stickers, trading cards in exchange for pets! We have found that many students miss their four-legged friends at home and even those who don't have a pet, get so much joy from Pebbles when she's in the area. We often have dogs at the University for stress management programming once or twice a semester, but now we have that support all-year-round! We are thankful enough to have a grant supporting the funding of Pebbles and her doggie expenses such as food until the end of December 2024, but after that we will need more to continue the good work that she is doing on campus, which is also getting noticed well beyond the walls of our University.

How Students Benefit from Pebbles

  • Seeing her at campus events, she brings a smile to their faces!
  • Attending her birthday in November, a new campus tradition!
  • Attending her Gotcha-day in February and the annual Puppy Parade! 
  • Following her on social media, she has quite a personality!
  • Requesting her for their event through her online request form.

More to Come!

Additionally, we are beginning to collaborate with the CARE Team to provide extra support for students struggling. The goal is for the CARE Team to identify students who need some one-on-one time with Pebbles and boost their serotonin.

How Can You Support?

Pebbles has been training to become an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and has already passed her first two tests! These tests and training are getting covered by the grant, but training is a life-long commitment and we will need to continue even after the grant expires.

We had our first cohort of "Team Pebbles Handlers" this fall and are working towards expansion! These students apply, interview and train rigorously to ensure they are well equipped to take care of Pebbles when she is not being taken care of by her Residence Life mom. Students absolutely love seeing Pebbles out on campus, and are eager to collect all of her trading cards and stickers! We also were able to purchase some "stress paws" to hand out and they have been a hit! But we want to do more. Not to mention our handlers do this all for free, one day we would like to compensate them properly!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated,

Make sure to follow Pebbles on Instagram and TikTok and check out our website, too! 


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Which fund has raised the most dollars on One Day for Montclair
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