Rocky the Red Hawk is proud to introduce to the campus community his new pupscot (a puppy mascot): Pebbles. Just like Rocky, Pebbles, a mini labradoodle, is here to spread Red Hawk Pride to one and all. Keep a sharp lookout for Pebbles at campus activities or just taking a stroll wagging her tail with joy every time she meets a fellow Red Hawk. Many students have shared stories of how much they miss their four-legged friends and what joy it brings them when they see a puppy on campus. We often have dogs at the University for stress management programming once or twice a semester, so why not have that kind of emotional support all-year-round?! Make sure to follow Pebbles on Instagram @pebblesredhawk and be sure to tag her in any photos you get with her on campus! Woof!

How Can You Support?

One of our Residence Life Community staff members has taken Pebbles in to provide complete care for our pupscot and we are actively putting her through training since she is still a puppy! In the fall, students will be selected to be part of a team of handlers who will assist Rocky in bringing our newest Red Hawk family member to student and campus events and she will have her own request form, so stay tuned! Want to support Pebbles?! We would love assistance for the care of our new pupscot! Donations will provide:

  • $100.00 - Monies toward a health care
  • $50.00 - Food for one month
  • $25.00 - Toys and grooming items
  • $10.00 - Poopie bags (so important!)

Any donation will be greatly appreciated, helping us with our newest and perhaps cutest member of Team Rocky to campus!

* Rocky’s pupscot is a dog mascot who brings joy and Red Hawk Pride with a cool wet nose and sweet paws!

Pebble has her own website. Visit it often to see updated photos of her adventures with Rocky!


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